Eicher Trucks are built to deliver low 'Total Cost-of-Ownership'. The Eicher haulage trucks' range includes the E2 Plus series of 5T-14T Light & Medium Duty Trucks (LMD) - tagged as "Mileage Ka Badshah" and VE Series of Fuel efficient Heavy Duty Trucks (HD) of 16T-40T. Designed for superior performance with better fuel economy, higher rated payload and faster turnaround these trucks have low operating cost and, high reliability leading to higher profits.

  • Eicher 30.25 XP
  • Eicher 30.25 FE
  • Eicher 35.31
  • Eicher 20.16
  • Eicher 10.50
  • Eicher 10.59XP
  • Eicher 10.75
  • Eicher 10.80
  • Eicher 10.90
  • Eicher 10.95
  • Eicher 11.10
  • Eicher 11.10XP
  • Eicher 11.12
  • Eicher 11.14
  • Eicher 40.35


Eicher Terra series of 16T & 25T offer enhanced value to customers in areas which are critical to a tipper operating economics. The USP of Eicher Tippers is their better uptime and pulling power, stronger aggregates, and the ability to run more number of trips. Terra tippers offer enhanced benefits which accrues from the results of extensive research done by the company in the market understanding of the usage pattern and various duty cycle of its operation. The range makes a significant and positive effect on the operators' productivity and profitability by offering better fuel economy.

  • Eicher Terra 25
  • Eicher Terra 16

Articulated Tractor

Eicher 40.40 (Articulated Tractor) from the VE series is built to "Deliver More!" Fitted with Cummins Engine of 132.5 Kw, Max Torque of 650 Nm and the ET-80 gear box, the optimized power and torque benefits come along with the High Fuel Efficiency, stronger aggregates which offer high reliability and durability. The soft suspended Cabin offers higher driving comfort which means faster turnaround and more trips leading to higher revenues.

  • EICHER 40.40

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